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God Loves His Little Children [entries|friends|calendar]

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[16 May 2012|01:38am]
Find me on instagram.

Find me on Facebook.

[01 May 2010|11:35pm]
a year ago i posted lyrics i wrote with my buddy steve.

a year later i post a link.

does anyone read this?

[01 Jan 2008|08:51pm]
xbox live has taken over my life.
call of duty 4?
cominiyeha!! 4

[29 Oct 2007|11:20pm]

I'm not dead. Just busy. Here's a few.

[Charleston Skyline]

[Birthday Girl]

[quick edit]

cominiyeha!! 7

happy holidays [24 Dec 2006|10:39pm]
merry christmas.
happy new years.
listen to norah jones.
cominiyeha!! 4

[22 May 2006|07:26pm]

thats so tight.

[12 May 2006|02:41pm]
okay... i do have a myspace. but it is a music myspace. or i meant for it to be one. and i accidentally made it a normal page. Zach and i are wondering how to change it to a music page. We sent an email to myspace, but years later, still nothing. Anybody have an idea?

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